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This section contains various Open Source packages and utilities developed by cWare. Please feel free to download any of these packages and send us your feedback.

Eqlplus is a Linux modem combining strategy based upon IP masquerading and eql. Modern browsers typically open many simultaneous HTTP TCP-based connections to fetch text and images from remote servers. TCP multiplexing distributes these simultaneous connections across several active links thereby increasing the apparent bandwidth to the Web user.

Impressed by the ability of several commercial products to multiplex independent dialup connections to the Web, we wanted to see if we could do a similar trick for free under Linux. We started with eql, Linux's kernel level link multiplexer written by Simon Janes. Unfortunately eql is not connection oriented and only works when a remote communications server also speaks eql's load balancing protocol and so cannot be used with ordinary ISPs.

So we explored the idea of combining the TCP connection handling of the Linux IP masquerading software with the load balancing capabilities of eql. It worked!

TABLA is a Python script that can build simple HTML tables. It is similar to some other cgi-based HTML table builders but has more functionality and presents a simpler, cleaner user interface.

With the right Web server permissions, TABLA is ideal for allowing non-HTML experts to maintain complex data tables such as schedules or lab results or team statistics. Given some simple Python programming, the "View" function within TABLA, which normally produces generic HTML tables, can be customized to render HTML pages that fit a particular application.

A version of this script, with a customized "View" function, has been employed to create the official on-line bus schedule for a mid-size US city. Using the same password controlled Python script, the city's transportation department updates all bus arrival times as well as adds or subtracts bus stops (columns) and bus runs (rows). The titles of all columns can be edited and the overall title of the table together with the title's background color can be specified.

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