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cWare brings you strong expertise in the following areas

Strategic Consulting

  • Advanced technology evaluation and recommendations
  • Technology transfer and brokering
  • Project partnership building
  • Outsourcing

Intranet and Internet Content Infrastructures

  • Secure Information Distribution
  • Web based client server infrastructures
  • E Commerce Storefront technologies
  • Web site development, publishing and multimedia
  • Service Management, Network Management technologies
  • Internet/Intranet payment and financial transaction services
  • Security, Cryptography, firewalling technologies

Client Server Technologies

  • Large-scale tiered architectures
  • Client-Server networking systems
  • Object-oriented technologies
  • Database technologies

Networking Technologies

  • Custom naming and addressing services; routing protocols
  • Application layer protocol design and implementation
  • Protocol drivers
  • Remote message-based management protocols

Directory Services

  • X.500, LDAP
  • Protocol analysis, design and development

Business Process Re-engineering

  • Systems requirements analysis, design, prototype validation,and product implementation
  • Migration of legacy systems
  • EDI
  • Y2K analysis, design and conversion

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