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This section contains white papers on various topics such as Linux and Open Source. These articles are written by cWare authors. This section also covers interesting events.

The Linux Storm
"...But the greatest advantage of OSS may be its historical inevitability. In a white paper posted on the cWare site ..., an anonymous author explains how centralization disenfranchises people. Eventually, it limits freedom so much that a reaction becomes certain. The Reformation arose in response to the centralized Roman Catholic Church. PCs were a reaction to the priesthood of the centralized mainframe.
And something will arise to free the entrepreneurial world from the centralized control of the Wintel hegemony. I don't say that in criticism of Microsoft and Intel, but in recognition of the power of the urge to be free. As the anonymous cWare author says "the more dominant Microsoft becomes, the more powerful the reactive forces become, and the more fuel is fed to movements such as Linux...."

The Software Gold Rush
...Linux carries a similar promise for the global software community as the 1849 Gold Rush did for California. For software products and projects, Linux is software gold....

Balancing Linux's Ideals
How does Linux win? Not by brandishing a larger sword, though brandish a sword we must. Nor by building a better product, though build a better product we will. Winning can only be accomplished by the right balance of humility, responsibility, and technical superiority...

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